Event 2014

A day against food waste


United Against Food Waste focuses on food waste as a social problem; the definition of food waste is 'discarded food that could be eaten by humans.'

The project transformed the City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark to a 'communicative marketplace' where a wide range of stakeholders distributed food that would otherwise have been thrown out - due to wrong size, overproduction, improper labeling, day-old bread, etc. Nothing is wrong with this food, but it will normally be discarded and replaced with new products.


The event in 2014 aimed at clarifying the way towards a more sustainable consumption. It was a locally based collaborative project involving players in food’s value chain:


• food producers

• retail

• restaurants

• organizations

By joining the project, the partners indicated that they agree that the exploitation of the resources of the food is not right nor effective. And the green transition among all stakeholders in the sector will lead to less environmental impact.

The event United Against Food Waste is part of a series of international events, which aim to reduce food waste. Organizers are the Danish Ministry of the Environment and the consumer movement, Stop Wasting Food in cooperation with EU-network, FUSIONS.


The event was created by Communiqué and Stop Wasting Food.



Contact: Michael Buksti, Communiqué, Phone: +45 36 98 34 00, E-mail: mb(a)communique.dk