Food stalls



On the 4th of October, leading stakeholders from all across the food value chain filled the City Hall Square in Copenhagen and together created the largest event against food waste in Denmark. The event, United Against Food Waste, presented a.o. the following:


Danish Agriculture & Food Council


REMA 1000




Unilever Food Solutions


Alfred Pedersen & Son Tomatoes


Timm Vladimir’s Grab'n'Cook


6.000 locals and tourists were fed by free and delicious tastings made out of good surplus food which otherwise could have been wasted - fx surplus bananas and smoothies from the supermarket chains that have joined the fight against food waste.


Nothing was wasted, and Project Homeless in collaboration with REMA 1000 gathered the remaining surplus food from the event, in favor of the homeless people in Copenhagen.

The organic waste from the event was collected by Daka ReFood and converted into biogas.


Contact: Michael Buksti, Communiqué, Phone: +45 36 98 34 00, E-mail: mb(a)