Facts about food waste

Facts about food waste


The Extent of the Problem

In Denmark alone, we each year waste 700,000 tons of food that could have been eaten. The food waste costs Danish consumers more than 11 billion DKK a year. The households waste more than 260,000 tons of food per year and the food industry 133,000 tons.

That is why food waste is a huge problem, which is not only expensive, but also exhausting of our resources and our environment. More than one third of the damaging impact on the environment from food production is caused by food waste and, therefore, could have been avoided – or alternatively used for global communities, who does not have adequate amounts of nutritional food.

In Denmark, Communiqué and the organization Stop Wasting Food represent the EU-network FUSIONS (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimizing Waste Prevention Strategies), which focuses on a more resource efficient Europe on the food area. FUSIONS has 21 project partners from 13 countries, among these are universities, consumer organizations and companies.


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- 2014 numbers






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